Network Society Lab: Catalyzing Massively Transformative Change

What does energy, manufacturing, food, and security have in common? These sectors and others are benefitting from the rise of massively transformative technologies that grow exponentially while being organized in a decentralized network. The world is more than what we see around us; it’s what we dream and can turn our dreams about the world into reality tomorrow.

With these beliefs, Network Society Lab (NSL) is on a mission to catalyze massively transformative change. NSL is a venture development firm that focuses on adding value to startup companies based on exponential technologies and decentralized networks. We’ve identified 8 sectors that constitute as NSL’s Pillars of Change.

Our CEO, Scott Mize is an accomplished and knowledgeable entrepreneur, venture development executive, advisor, and speaker in the field of high technology, with 30 years’ of experience in the information technology, new media, Internet, nanotechnology and cleantech fields.

“Network Society Lab was established to help ensure the success of Network Society Venture’s portfolio companies. We provide the same types of service as an incubator or accelerator in order to catalyze their massively transformative purposes. Right now this is done in a very hands-on bespoke fashion. Over time we plan to enhance our offerings by developing and deploying open source online tools and resources which will empower any venture in the world (or off-world!) to fulfill their mission. We are very excited to be on this journey as part of the Network Society keiretsu. We welcome you to join us.”

— Scott Mize, Netowork Society Lab CEO

We created this blog to facilitate a dialog that brings about massively transformative change. Each week you’ll find quick, easy-to-comprehend posts about industry developments. We’ll cover NSL projects, thoughts from crypto-economy and futurists, conference news, and how decentralization and democratization is helping to solve humanity’s most complex problems.

As we push towards creating a future using exponential technologies and blockchain-based business models, we hope you will share your thoughts as we share ours. We invite you to join our network on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.